When love found me, I was standing under a shelter outside, away from the cold but alone, nevertheless. It beckoned me, come, took me under it’s roof, washed my feet, held my hand, and said “Nnọọ!”- G.I

No, I don’t think I was desperate for love. I wanted to be loved, I wanted to love, so I went after love. But I knew when to leave the table, when I wasn’t wanted, and when I deserved more. Whenever my heart was tossed like a ball, I mounted the goalpost, caught it in my hands, and walked away.

One time, I chased love that had brown eyes and a kind heart. I knew I deserved good things, so when a good thing came my way, I thought it was mine, and I followed it and held on to it. But, it only offered me friendship, and it was beautiful, and if only I watered it (we watered it), perhaps it would have been all the love I needed at that time. But I didn’t know that friendship could be love, too, so I let it go. It taught me that good things would come, but not all good things are mine. It taught me to say, “It’s okay. This is not mine to have.”

Another time, I chased funny and corny love, which seemed perfect, but it left me high and dry. It stood me up and taught me that words and actions could mean different things.

Another time, love sucked me dry.

Another time, it demanded more than I could give.

But, the day nkem, the love that is mine found me, it was like a cloth sewn to perfection. It was like a kind stranger that found me standing under a shelter outside, away from the cold but alone regardless, invited me home, and then made me home.

I didn’t know that I had known thirst till it offered me a drink, and I thought I was well-shielded from the cold, but when it offered me a hug, I knew warmth, and I knew my shelter did nothing to protect me from the cold.

I was doing okay before it came, and then when it came, I wondered how I survived without it.

I saw that memories tickle.

I saw that butterflies were part of the body, the tummy, to be precise.

I saw that people’s cheeks do not only turn crimson from embarrassment but also delight and giddiness.

I saw that hope is love and that to love is to hope- and if this doesn’t make sense, it’s because I also saw that sometimes love makes us lose our senses but is almost always worth it.

“Love is like salvation” A wise man once said, “One moment, you don’t think you need saving, then when you encounter the gospel, you are forever grateful for it.”

Nnọọ! means You are welcome.
Nkem means My own.



Words are beautiful, stories are beautiful pieces of memories.

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